Cardiac CTA Services

Technology.   We installed a scalable high-speed network to accommodate remote cardiac CTA training connectivity for the Amery Academy patrons and the University researchers. Our cloud-based system allows for remote viewing, read, dictation and distribution. Our tools include many of the mainstream workflow templates, CT/MR filters for optimal diagnostic imaging and automated image processing for faster and more consistent pre and post processing of patient images. Image manipulation and rendering is in real time. As a matter of fact, our publishing templates automatically organizes case reviews in both diagnostic and layman formats using 2D, 3D and 4D imaging. This reporting capability standardizes chart reporting and improves patient communications by simultaneously producing a patient dvd presentation with analysis (in layman's terms) of their cardiac and peripheral health. This is an extremely powerful tool for patient compliance.

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Commitment.   We strive to improve our tools and delivery of cardiac CTA educational services, so we can help you improve your practice and patient overcomes. Our private cloud network has proven to be secure, self-contained, scalable and affordable. Our virtual terminal will allow any authorized remote client access to patient history and dictations for both clinical and academic analysis. Our streaming video servers will allow students to watch and listen to lectures, recorded webinars, case reviews and hands-on demonstrations. Our patient library has thousand of case studies with cath correlations in both raw and post-process images. Our commitment to your cardiac and peripheral CTA education includes real-time delivery of rich and unusual morphology with real world applications. We invite you to take one of our courses and find out why we are one of the world's most comprehensive cardiac and peripheral training programs.